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Chicago Product Liability Attorneys

Our daily lives are filled with technologies and gadgets. From automobiles to power tools to furniture, the products that we buy and fill our offices, workshops, and homes with are vital in making our lives easier and allowing us to do our jobs more effectively. We trust that these products will work properly, and that they will not endanger the health and safety of ourselves and our loved ones.

When a medical device or electronic component fails, it can mean more than inconvenience and delay. It can result in catastrophic consequences. The failure of a knee or a hip implant can result in serious pain, additional surgeries, and massive medical expenses. When that happens, questions about what kind of product was used, whether scientists have researched the issues, and what can be done to investigate the case further are only the beginning. When a ladder collapses or a power tool malfunctions, those can cause serious injuries as well. All of these cases must be investigated by an attorney that understands the basic issues as well as the complicated engineering, medical, and scientific issues that will determine whether there is a case that can be made and how to build it with you. Contact our Chicago product liability attorneys for assistance today.

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