The Ben Joravsky Show – Bonus with Jim Coogan

“How Is This Legal?” Segment Discusses Defamation, Barr, Impeachment

The Ben Joravsky Show (click here) is a news and politics podcast hosted by Chicago Reader columnist and journalist Ben Joravsky. The show kicked off 2020 right by hosting a discussion with our own Jim Coogan. This was the most-recent episode featuring the show’s recurring segment, “How Is This Legal?” In the segments, Jim Coogan and Ben Joravsky discuss current events and legal developments in the news and break things down from the inside perspective of a Chicago Trial Lawyer.

This month, Ben and Jim go through three major developments in the law with an overarching arc: cynicism. First, the pair examined litigation revolving around Alex Jones and InforWars’ coverage of the tragic Sandy Hook Massacre. Several parents have sued Jones for defamation in his coverage of the incident. The judge in one of the cases levied a fine against Jones for refusing to turn over business documents. Next, they discussed the separation of church and State in the United States and Attorney General William Barr. This naturally led to an update on the process of Impeachment and what may happen in 2020 as we near the General Election.