In Jim’s sixth appearance on The Ben Joravsky Show on WCPT 820 AM, Jim & Ben discussed Public Sector Employee Unions and the Janus v. AFSCME (case).  The discussion touched on the First Amendment, union law, labor law, the status of employees, the rights of employees as part of a union and much more.  The Janus case notoriously pits the concepts of a ‘free rider’ (who benefits from the rights and benefits from Union protection but does not pay dues) versus ‘fair share fees’ (where non-union members make contributions to reflect the benefits they receive while not being compelled to contribute towards union political activity).

They also briefly discussed the recent $44.7 Million verdict against the City of Chicago in the LaPorta v. City of Chicago and Officer Kelly case.  After taking some listener calls and discussing so many constitutional and labor rights issues, the hour was already up!

Listen to the whole show here:

Jim in the WCPT 820 Studios