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Chicago Construction Accident Lawyers

Construction sites are dangerous places. There are large, mobile objects. Tools and supplies fall from great heights. There is live electricity, heat, debris, and other workers doing physical and dangerous things. Tradesmen know that when on site, a worker must keep his head on a swivel. However, some dangers cannot be protected against. Some injuries happen because the risk was veiled or due to someone else’s negligence.

The Chicago construction accident lawyers at Dwyer & Coogan, P.C. understand these risks. We’ve spoken to workers like you. We have represented them. We know the time pressures that you are under. But we also know the law that requires general and sub-contractors to act with reasonable care for safety on site. Debris is supposed to be cleared. Warnings are supposed to be placed around tripping hazards or live wires. Safety inspectors have important jobs to make sure these tasks are executed and that regular and constant attention is paid because conditions change rapidly and they change constantly. Our attorneys will investigate the rules and determine whether your injury is more than a work-injury, but also due to the negligence of others and work to secure justice for what you’ve suffered and lost.

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