Client Testimonials


Dwyer & Coogan was very responsive to every question I raised as the process ensued. They were extremely timely in communication and took the time to explain details in full. I would specifically like to recommend Carolanne as she was extremely thoughtful and helpful throughout the process. Her availability to speak in a timely fashion was key to success. The entire process is stressful and can often be very lengthy and it’s great to know you have someone who understands your plight and will fight for you in an extremely convoluted legal system.

I would highly recommend Dwyer & Coogan and specifically Carolanne to assist you.

V.F. & T.F.

We put our trust in Caroleann Gallagher and we were not disappointed , she fought for us all the way to the end of our case . We never were involved in a law suit before and Caroleann helped us through  the process and kept us informed  of every step. Over time she became more of a trusted friend than our lawyer and we will always be grateful for her hard work.


After I was struck by a car at a busy Chicago intersection, I had so many apprehensions and fears regarding my injury, surgery, recovery, and medical debt due to being out of work. On top of that I was worried over the other driver not wanting to acknowledge fault for going through a red light. From the beginning the Law Firm of Dwyer & Coogan was an advocate for my wife and me. Their dedication to representing us was beyond reproach and greatly relieved me of the stress that my case was in good hands. Jim Coogan kept us updated constantly and explained in very understandable terms the legal progress of our case. When it appeared that a trial was going to be imminent, Caroleann Gallagher did a thorough and exceptional preparation. I believe it is because of their diligent commitment to us as their clients we were able settle our case for over a half million dollars. I highly recommend Dwyer & Coogan as exceptional attorneys at law.


Life has many surprises, some of which are not pleasant and many time almost tragic. My 95 year-old Mother and I were involved in a very serious car accident, in which my car was totaled. We were ambulanced to the hospital in serious condition. Life also presents us with many important decisions, which could be life altering. I contacted Jim Coogan, whom I knew to be knowledgeable in this area of law. It was a decision that turned out be very wise. Jim was always very accessible and approachable and handled the entire matter in an exceptionally professional manner. During the entire legal process he was brilliant, and yet always caring and considerate during our hospitalization. Due to Jim’s outstanding efforts the entire episode came to a most satisfactory conclusion.

Testimonial from Angela G.

Thank you again so much for everything! I am truly grateful to you. Additionally, I am so happy I called your office and selected you as my attorney. You are truly a compassionate man and an intelligent attorney. I could not have pick a better candidate to handle this case.

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