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Denied Insurance Claim Lawyers Chicago, IL

When you buy insurance, you believe that you are entering into an agreement that binds both you and the insurance company. Your job is to pay your premiums and report claims in a timely fashion. The insurance company’s job is to investigate the claim fairly and pay your benefits in a timely fashion.

But that is not always what happens. Insurance companies seems to have all the power, and that is because they do. They have the money (you already paid the premiums) and they have the big corporation, the lawyers, and the rule book. What can you do when your claim has been denied and it is unclear why it has happened?

You can talk to a lawyer. You have the right to investigate the basis for your claim denial. You have the right to get answers from the Insurance company about what they have done to evaluate your claim and you have the right to file a lawsuit if the answers are still unclear. Illinois law also provides that, if you can prove that the Insurance company has breached your agreement in “bad faith,” you can recover additional money for attorney’s fees. Call our attorneys for a consultation to discuss your situation and your options.

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