Workplace Safety & Union Advocacy

 We're all about Safety here at Dwyer & Coogan Which is why we support the rights of workers to unionize their workplaces, because it gives them the opportunity to bargain for safety rules and enforcement.  Recently, the City of Lincolnshire chose to pass a law to restrict the rights of workers to unionize.  They were [...]

Pat Dwyer II Celebrates FIFTY years as a Lawyer.

"We are so proud of our founding partner Patrick Dwyer II, who was today conferred with the title of "Distinguished Counselor" by Justice Russell Hartigan and The Illinois State Bar Association. Pat is recognized as a distinguished counselor for his more than FIFTY years of service as a lawyer. Today he continues his interest in [...]

Caroleann Gallagher Featured at Workers’ Compensation Seminar (11.3.2017)

November 3, 2017--Caroleann Gallagher speaking to attorneys about Workers' Compensation. ILLINOIS TRIAL LAWYERS WELCOMED CAROLEANN GALLAGHER TO SPEAK ABOUT DEVELOPMENTS IN WORKERS' COMPENSATION LAW NOVEMBER 3, 2017--The Illinois Trial Lawyer Association held their annual Workers' Compensation Law Seminar in Oak Brook, Illinois.  The Seminar featured leading attorneys in the field, who spoke about [...]

Tune in TODAY–The Ben Joravsky Show (AM 820) at 3:00 p.m.

Today, Tuesday, August 22, 2017, our own Jim Coogan will be making his fourth guest appearance as the station's Legal Analyst on WCPT AM 820's afternoon News & Political Talk Show, The Ben Joravsky Show.  Listen in to hear Ben & Jim discuss some current events as the break down some of the legal issues [...]

Illinois Should Protect Temporary Workers

Illinois is located in the geographical middle of the United States.  Because of our access to rivers like the Mississippi, lakes like Lake Michigan, and the intersection of so many well-traveled Interstate Highways and Rail lines, we’re at the center of American commerce.  The convenience and utility of our location and infrastructure is one [...]