Dwyer & Coogan Client Story Featured

SARAH CRAYTON STORY FEATURED IN SUN-TIMES The July 21, 2019 Sunday Edition of the Chicago Sun-Times featured a report by Staff Reporter Stephanie Zimmerman.  The Page 6 article, "From Routine to Tragic," reported on the death of Sarah Crayton in 2014. Sarah's daughter, Shamona Nichols, hired the attorneys of Dwyer & Coogan to investigate her mother's [...]

Did Your Doctor Hear You?

Doctors Interrupt Patients Too Quickly in Office Visits   Patients need to take advantage of face time with their doctor. Journal of General Internal Medicine Study: Doctors Interrupt Patients After Just 11 Seconds Doctors cannot treat patients unless they listen.  It is that simple.  And doctors know it.  Patients know it.  However, a [...]

Caroleann Gallagher attends ITLA Women’s Lobbying Day, State Capitol, Springfield

ITLA launches women’s caucus to foster leaders Photo provided by Rebecca E. Neubauer The newly formed women’s caucus of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association at the state Capitol in Springfield last month. Front and center is caucus chair Margaret P. Battersby Black, partner at Levin & Perconti; to her left, caucus co-vice chair Sarah F. [...]

Nursing Dangers

What images come to mind when you hear the words "nursing home"? Nursing Homes--For many, the image will be of a gentle environment--soft sunlight coming through bright windows, shining on clean floors and furniture with smiling elderly residents.  Others may conjure images of hospital beds and long hallways bustling with nurses and food carts.  The [...]

Pat Dwyer II Celebrates FIFTY years as a Lawyer.

"We are so proud of our founding partner Patrick Dwyer II, who was today conferred with the title of "Distinguished Counselor" by Justice Russell Hartigan and The Illinois State Bar Association. Pat is recognized as a distinguished counselor for his more than FIFTY years of service as a lawyer. Today he continues his interest in [...]

Illinois Struggling with Nursing Home Complaints

The United States Department of Health and Human Resources is in charge of overseeing the administration of health care in the U.S.  It distributes funds for patient care to healthcare facilities, including Nursing Homes through Medicare payments (the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, otherwise known as "CMS").  As part of its oversight, it monitors [...]

Medical Errors Persist

PATIENTS HAVE THE RIGHT TO ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT TREATMENT A new Survey released by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (in conjunction with NORC at University of Chicago) reveals that 21% of Americans experienced medical errors personally. Beyond that 31% of respondents reported that someone whose medical care they were personally involved with experienced a medical [...]