Recreational Risks & Safety

WGN Highlights Indoor Skydiving Risks News investigation featured our own Jim Coogan identifying legal issues for the recreational activity. Originally airing on November 26, 2019 during the WGN News at 9, WGN reporter Meghan Dwyer profiled the safety risks of iFly Indoor Skydiving. The piece examined some of the injury risk facing participants in the [...]

Did Your Doctor Hear You?

Doctors Interrupt Patients Too Quickly in Office Visits   Patients need to take advantage of face time with their doctor. Journal of General Internal Medicine Study: Doctors Interrupt Patients After Just 11 Seconds Doctors cannot treat patients unless they listen.  It is that simple.  And doctors know it.  Patients know it.  However, a [...]

“Dutch Reach” for Safety

What is a "Dutch Reach"? Netherlands teach simple technique to improve Cycling Safety Ever heard of the "Dutch Reach"?  It's simple to do.  And is easy to remember.  Consider the risks of both the drivers and passengers as well as cyclists in urban environments.  If you have ever ridden your bicycle past a row of [...]

What the Heck is a TNC? (Ride Share Tips for 2018)

As 2017 rolled along, we were bombarded by reminders that the economy and transportation are continuously changing.  We heard about "the Gig Economy."  We heard about new types of "e-Commerce."  And there were many, many new developments in the world of "the Ride Share Economy."  Technology will always continue to shape how humans get to [...]

Caroleann Gallagher Featured at Workers’ Compensation Seminar (11.3.2017)

November 3, 2017--Caroleann Gallagher speaking to attorneys about Workers' Compensation. ILLINOIS TRIAL LAWYERS WELCOMED CAROLEANN GALLAGHER TO SPEAK ABOUT DEVELOPMENTS IN WORKERS' COMPENSATION LAW NOVEMBER 3, 2017--The Illinois Trial Lawyer Association held their annual Workers' Compensation Law Seminar in Oak Brook, Illinois.  The Seminar featured leading attorneys in the field, who spoke about [...]