Latest Podcast with Jim Coogan

HOW IS THIS LEGAL? The latest segment of The Ben Joravsky Show Featuring Jim Coogan   Over the weekend, Jim Coogan joined The Ben Joravsky Show to discuss the impeachment of President Trump. They focused on the testimony of law professor experts about impeachment and the Constitution. Jim put the hearings in context and offered [...]

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Impeachment Law Podcast

Ben Joravsky Show Podcast (11/2/19) Jim Coogan Discusses Impeachment & The Law Below is a link to a recent Bonus Edition of "The Ben Joravsky Show," where Jim Coogan returns to the show answer Ben's usual question: "How Is This Legal?" In this episode, Ben and Jim examine some of the legal arguments being put [...]

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Corporations Make Mistakes

AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR JUSTICE OUTLINES THE RISKS OF CORPORATE RECKLESSNESS IN WORST CORPORATE CONDUCT OF 2017 REPORT Wells Fargo Among the Worst Corporate Actors in 2017. CORPORATE BENEFITS It is a very common discussion in the news these days: how much is too much regulation?  Americans generally favor risk, rugged individualism, personal responsibility, [...]

It’s 10:00 p.m….Do You Know Where Your Assets Are?

ILLINOIS CHANGES LAW FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT ASSET FORFEITURE Assets (cash, vehicle, merchandise) seized by Law Enforcement now subject to different rules for return of assets. Illinois Law just changed in a way that will benefit innocent consumers.  A little-known facet of local law enforcement procedure to many Americans, "Asset Forfeiture" has gained [...]