“Dutch Reach” for Safety

What is a "Dutch Reach"? Netherlands teach simple technique to improve Cycling Safety Ever heard of the "Dutch Reach"?  It's simple to do.  And is easy to remember.  Consider the risks of both the drivers and passengers as well as cyclists in urban environments.  If you have ever ridden your bicycle past a row of [...]

Self-Driving Cars on Autopilot?

Self-Driving Cars are Coming Autopilot Tesla Crash in California. (Credit Marketwatch.com, KTVU, and Reuters) They will change commuting--and Injury Law Humans are making another evolutionary leap into the future.  Once, the wheel was the innovation.  The wheel was applied to things we could push or pull.  It was later adapted so that animals [...]

What the Heck is a TNC? (Ride Share Tips for 2018)

As 2017 rolled along, we were bombarded by reminders that the economy and transportation are continuously changing.  We heard about "the Gig Economy."  We heard about new types of "e-Commerce."  And there were many, many new developments in the world of "the Ride Share Economy."  Technology will always continue to shape how humans get to [...]

Pat Dwyer II Celebrates FIFTY years as a Lawyer.

"We are so proud of our founding partner Patrick Dwyer II, who was today conferred with the title of "Distinguished Counselor" by Justice Russell Hartigan and The Illinois State Bar Association. Pat is recognized as a distinguished counselor for his more than FIFTY years of service as a lawyer. Today he continues his interest in [...]

Do’s & Don’ts after a Car Crash

  Car Accident Do's: 1.Take Pictures.  Take pictures of all cars involved in the accident as soon as possible after the collision.  Take pictures from multiple angles and multiple distances.  Take pictures of the roadway, any skid marks and any debris on the roadway.  Take pictures of applicable street signs such as stop signs, no-turn [...]

Tune in TODAY–The Ben Joravsky Show (AM 820) at 3:00 p.m.

Today, Tuesday, August 22, 2017, our own Jim Coogan will be making his fourth guest appearance as the station's Legal Analyst on WCPT AM 820's afternoon News & Political Talk Show, The Ben Joravsky Show.  Listen in to hear Ben & Jim discuss some current events as the break down some of the legal issues [...]

You Need Insurance

[In Honor of Groundhog Day and one of it's most memorable characters, we are re-posting this Information--Originally published August 26, 2016--and with apologies to Stephen Tobolowsky...and everyone else, here we go...] I know, I know.  First of all, no one likes to be sold to.  Second, everyone is skeptical about insurance salesmen (remember “Needlenose” [...]

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