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Every single day, every single person that reads this web page will either take a ride in a car, truck, train, bicycle, bus, or will pass by one of those. We take these interactions for granted because they are common, everyday occurrences. And we accept that they are routine because these vehicles get us where we need to go–and get the things we need to where they need to be. However, these are all large, heavy and potentially dangerous machines. These are heavy pieces of transportation equipment that move fast. The combination of weight and speed means that they can cause very serious injuries when collisions and operator error occur.

When injuries occur as the result of negligent operation of a vehicle, a consultation with an attorney will be more beneficial when that attorney understands the issues that are unique to the particular type of vehicle involved in your case. Our attorneys have successfully litigated cases involving all manner of moving conveyance and can advise you of the kinds of issues that will arise in your case.

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