Workplace Safety & Union Advocacy

 We're all about Safety here at Dwyer & Coogan Which is why we support the rights of workers to unionize their workplaces, because it gives them the opportunity to bargain for safety rules and enforcement.  Recently, the City of Lincolnshire chose to pass a law to restrict the rights of workers to unionize.  They were [...]

Radio Replay–Jim Coogan Legal Analyst (2.15.18)

NURSING ABUSE - PROBABLE CAUSE - CHARLOTTESVILLE Jim Coogan Legal Analyst on The Ben Joravsky Show - February 15, 2018 Ben Joravsky--asking the tough questions in studio (February 15, 2018) Jim Coogan made his monthly appearance as the Legal Analyst on The Ben Joravsky Show (@bennyjshow on Twitter) on WCPT 820 AM Radio, Chicago last [...]

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Nursing Dangers

What images come to mind when you hear the words "nursing home"? Nursing Homes--For many, the image will be of a gentle environment--soft sunlight coming through bright windows, shining on clean floors and furniture with smiling elderly residents.  Others may conjure images of hospital beds and long hallways bustling with nurses and food carts.  The [...]